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The best part about working on a laptop is that you can work anywhere. Unlike a desktop, you require minimal or no peripherals to work on laptop as it has its inbuilt keyboard and touch pad. 

This makes it really simple and easy to carry around. But if the keyboard of your laptop is not working properly, it can become a really annoying problem. And the worst kind of problem appears when you lose a single key from your keyboard. These and other keyboard problems can seriously push back the performance level of your laptop. These issues must be resolved quickly so that your laptop remains at optimal working condition.

Luckily for the people of Vijayawada, who are looking for a laptop keyboard repair center, now do not have to look any further as Computer Repair Home is here to help. We offer laptop keyboard repair services in vijayawada and all over andhra pradesh at most affordable rates. Some of the common problems that you can face in with laptop’s keyboard are that it may suddenly stop working, you might lose one or more keys from Replacement Keyboard Keys

your keyboard, or just few of the keys may stop working. These problems may occur due to damaged circuits or accidental falls. Many a time these small problems can be fixed rather than replacing the entire keyboard. That is where we come in as we have years of experience in providing laptop repairing services in Vijayawada and all over andhra pradesh.

We repair keyboards of all brands of laptops like AppleSamsungSonyToshibaHP and more with complete client satisfaction. We repair laptops at both our center and onsite. We also provide genuine replacement parts for broken laptop keyboards. If you have lost a key from your laptop keyboard and are looking for an affordable solution, contact us and we will provide you the best possible solution to your keyboard repairing problem in vijayawada .

The laptop keyboard replacement cost starts. The cost range fluctuates in between according to the extent of damage caused to the laptop. Also, this range may not be the same for laptop keyboard repairing and can increase or decrease according to the extent of repair needed for the keyboard.

A usual process of laptop keyboard repair includes some internal and external checks, after which the conclusion about what repair is needed. If people visit the repair or replacement centres well in time, this repair or replacement intensity may be reduced. More and more negligence towards your current laptop keyboard condition will increase the expenses that may be charged to you for your laptop keyboard replacement or repair. That is why you should pay close attention to the condition of your keyboard from time to time. However Computer repair home brings you the opportunity to resolve your laptop keyboard repair quite easily.

Laptop Keyboards Types
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Laptop Keyboards Types

  • Traditional Style Keyboard:

The best part is the keys are easily replaceable due to the large surface. Keys are next to each other, with edges sloping off.

  • Chiclet Style Keyboard:

There is a separate cut-out for each key. Keyboard cleaning is more accessible due to more space between the keys.

  • Mechanical Style Keyboard:

The mechanical keyboard makes an audible click with each push with more space and expensive design, and it lasts long due to the deep traveling of keys. 

By understanding all the above types of keyboard, you can avail yourself of a better laptop keyboard replacement cost and get your keyboard repaired very appropriately & undoubtedly.


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